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About six months ago, I realized that there were some serious problems with the way I was spending my down time away from work. It seemed like no matter what I did, I just couldn't relax and enjoy myself, which is why I decided to start investing more time into exploring different activities. I was able to find an incredible business that offered motor sports and accessories, and it was really incredible. I have had so much fun trying all different kinds of activities and I just know that other people would enjoy different motor sports and accessories too. Check out this blog to find out more.


What You Should Know Before You Let Your Teen Ride An ATV

All-terrain vehicles can add fun and excitement to the lives of you and your teenage child, but you need to be aware of what measures should be taken to keep your teen ATV rider safe. Despite the fact that these off road vehicles are frequently operated by drivers under the age of 18, they are nothing like the toy cars that your child may have driven as a toddler. Find out how you can keep your teen safe while still being able to thoroughly enjoy ATVs, and this might just be the most enjoyable recreational investment you have ever made.

What About Driver Licenses?

No driver's license is needed for either adult or teen riders to hop on board their ATVs. With that said, many states have age restrictions on ATV drivers who are yet at the age in which they would receive their licenses. For example, in North Dakota your child must be at least 12 years old in order to be eligible to take a safety course that will enable her or him to legally operate an ATV.

Does My Teen Need to Wear a Helmet?

Not every state requires ATV riders of any age to wear helmets, but it is simply safer if you require your teen to wear one at all times. The type of severe neck and head trauma that can be caused during an ATV related accident can be absolutely devastating. It is suggested that you instruct your teen to wear a helmet as well as protective eye gear whenever riding or driving an ATV.

Should My Teenage Child be Able to Ride an ATV Unsupervised?

Allowing your teen to operate an ATV without direct parental supervision is mostly a matter of discretion. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has specific information on the precise ages that persons under the age of 18 are permitted to ride ATVs for each state. In addition to taking certain safety provisions such as ensuring that your teen wears a helmet while on his or her ATV, you may also need to have your child successfully pass a safety course before taking off.

If your child is an older teen that has sufficient experience driving a car and there are no state laws requiring your child to pass a related safety class, you may choose to let him or her ride an ATV unsupervised. Of course, it is likely best for you to double check and see that your teen is not only comfortable riding alone, but that you also feel confident in their skills.

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